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The Lighthouse Focus (5th Edition) Tournament took place at Khadija Secondary School, Mombasa, Kenya from Saturday, 29thOctober, 2022 to Sunday 30th October, 2022.

The event was organized by Lighthouse Chess Club with the organizing team comprising of SI/IO Judy Kiragu, the tournament director, Dr Philip Mwashe, Lighthouse Chess Club patron and Thayu Macharia the Chief Arbiter.

The event was a FIDE rated, individual round robin tournament (each player faced all the other players), with a time control of 1 hour per player, making it a classical one. A total of 7 rounds were played, 4 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. It being a classical event, the players recorded their moves.

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The tournament attracted a total of 8 participants resulting to a 7 round tournament. There were 6 rated players, with Clinton Ngugi having the highest rating of 1502, and 2 unrated players.

Some of the highlights of the tournament were:

·         In round 1, Yvonne Mwashe, 1087, beating Clinton Ngugi, 1530, partly but not exclusive to the fact that Clinton arrived late. 

·         Korir Brian, an unrated player beating Bejon Moses, 1400, in round 1.

·         Jamie Kanango, 1327, drawing with Yvonne Mwashe,1087, in round 3.

·         Bejon Moses, 1400, asking for a draw from Yvonne Mwashe in the last round which Yvonne turned down and later lost the game to Moses.

·         The tournament ended with Yvonne Mwashe having the greatest elo gain of 48 points.

·         Korir Brian also completed one of the requirements; beating a rated player, in order to acquire a rating.

Prize funds were awarded to the top three players at the end of the tournament. In this tournament, there were no ties among the top three.

The winners were as follows:

1st Position – Bejon Moses                  6points

2nd Position – Jamie Kanango             5.5points

3rd Position – Yvonne Mwashe           5points


The tournament took place from start to end without any hitch. It was a success thanks to everyone and all the entities involved in its running. With it being a FIDE-rated tournament, rated players had the task of defending their rating while the unrated player battled to at least acquire rating.

The Lighthouse Focus Series shall continue taking place emphasizing its main aim of increasing chess capacity and helping unrated players acquire a rating.