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Conquering The Mistress

The love is never mutual. It may be classified under thug love, tough love. It may bend to your will, but only if you are conniving. It may need coercing ,a bit of a push to finally relent. Just like a mistress. Free willed and ready to have a good time. It will rack your mind, don’t even try to understand it. For you will be wasting your time. At least thats what German grandmaster Robert Hubner said, “Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing. ” Just like a woman, never to be understood, but meant to be loved. It may make you giddy at first, just like when you finally meet your significant other. It may frustrate you to no end . Make you feel like pulling out your hair. But isn’t that the beauty of life. Living for the thrill. The chase. So as any normal human being, you eagerly accept to be lured into this maddening life. Weirdly ,it only grounds you. Makes you more sane. You stumble through your first moves just like a teenager dazzled by the beauty. Trying hard to be suave in your moves . Would Vienna be too ritzy, the London system too tough, the Budapest gambit too easy? Options. Options. All with the common goal of conquering the mistress. The one who causes you many sleepless nights, embarrasses you even after you’ve agreed to keep the cramming moves affair secret, makes you extremely happy, at the same time loathe your very existence. Its very existence. No matter the many upsets, you still stick to your guns: your vast books ranging from how to open up, how to steer it and finally how to conquer. However sometimes being book smart doesn’t help. Just like in real life, you need to have game, to approach that girl or that boy. This mistress might fancy some sweet words once in a while, but actions speak loudest. So you work at it, just like you work on building a relationship. Nervous at first, fearing its rejection but at the same time hopeful. With love and a bit of obsession on your mind, you strive to own it, to make it waltz to your beat .You learn about its quirks, which move works and which are forced . At the end of it all, when you meet your boys or your girls and introduce it to all, it no longer becomes a mistress but the love of your life. Conquered and tied to you.


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