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Kenya Methodist is Top University and Methu Conquers Minds on Fire Blitz

Lighthouse Inter Universities and Colleges Teams Chess Championship 2019. & Minds on Fire Blitz Open Chess Tournament 2019. Chief Arbiters Report: The Inaugural Lighthouse Inter Universities and Colleges Teams Chess Championship 2019 was held on 25th and 26th of May 2019 at the University of Nairobi {Central Catering Unit Hall} The event had 18 teams from 11 Universities. The Universities were: Makerere University from Uganda, University on Nairobi Strathmore University Kenyatta University JKUAT Kenya Methodist University Chuka University Kisii University Mt. Kenya University Technical University of Kenya USIU The tournament link: Tournament Overview: The tournament was the biggest Inter University event held in Kenya having attracted Makerere University from Uganda. The Makerere University team was Top Seed team having an average rating of 1805. The second and third seed teams based on ratings were Strathmore University Team A and Technical University of Kenya Team A which had 1678 and 1605. The Final Ranking was: Overall Winner: Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) 18 Match Points – 6 wins and 1 loss Position 2: Makerere University 16 MP – 5 wins 1 draw and 1 loss {26.5 Game points} Position 3: Strathmore University [Team A] 16 MP – 5 wins 1 draw and 1 loss {25 Game points} Position 4: TUK [Team A] 15 MP – 5 wins and 2 loss Position 5: Kenyatta University 12 MP – 4 wins and 3 loss {22 Game points} The Best Lady was WCM Joyce Nyaruai with 5 points out of the possible 7. WCM Joyce Nyaruai receiving her prize from LGM Brian Kidula. The Best Gentlemen were Elvis Likoko from Strathmore University, Francis Michuki from Technical University of Kenya and Jacob Bout of Kenya Methodist University. They all had 6.5/7 games. The 3 Top Gentlemen receiving their prize from FI Brian Kidula and SI Judy Kiragu. Photos of the Top 3 Universities receiving their awards: Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) are the Overall Winners and are awarded their trophy by SI/IO Judy Kiragu of Lighthouse Chess Club. Makerere University receiving their 1st Runners Up trophy and prize. Strathmore University Team A receiving their Trophy and prize. Lighthouse Minds on Fire Blitz The Lighthouse Minds on Fire Blitz Open Chess Tournament 2019 was electric and a 10 round blitz tournament. The event attracted the Kenya Number 1, Joseph Methu who is ranked first with a rating of 2123 and is the Kenya Blitz Champion with a rating of 2081. Other Top players who were present were Mehul Gohil 2024, Githinji Hinga 1977 as well as the formidable team of Makerere University students lead by Allan Mande 1922 and South Sudan’s James Panchol. The blitz event had 126 players. Tournament Link: The Overall Winners were; Overall Winners: Joseph Methu 9.5/10 points 2nd place: James Panchol 8.5/10 points 3rd place: Joseph Kirega 8.5/10 points Ladies Winners: 1st place: WCM Joyce Nyaruai 6 points 2nd place: Berita Atemo 5 points 3rd place: Mable Kawa 4.5 points Edna Ronoh 4.5 points The report was compiled by: IA, FI James K. Mwangi Chief Arbiter. Photos from the Minds on Fire Blitz: Joseph Methu crowned the Lighthouse Minds on Fire Blitz Champion. James Panchol – 1st Runners Up. Joseph Kirega – 2nd Runners Up. WCM Joyce Nyaruai crowned the Top Lady in the Minds on Fire Blitz. Berita Atemo – 2nd place in the ladies. Mable Kawa – 3rd place in the Ladies.


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