4 th Edition Lighthouse Inter-schools Chess Tournament 2018.

  1. Tournament Report:
    The tournament took place at Oshwal Academy Mombasa on the 22nd September 2018. \ This was the 4th edition of the Lighthouse Inter Schools Chess Tournament. The Chief Arbiter for the event was FA, FI James Mwangi, FIDE Arbiter and FIDE Instructor.
    In this report, it addresses the following topics:
    Tournament overview
    2. Under 18 section
    3. Under 14 section
    4. Under 12 section
    5. Under 10 section
    6. Under 8 section
    7. Tournament reviews and Performances.
    8. Conclusions.
    Tournament Overview
    TheLighthouseInterSchoolsChessTournament2018tookplaceonthe22ndSeptember 2018.
    There was a record of 89 participants, who played in the 5 sections.
    The 5 sections were:
    1. Under 18 section which had 10 players
    2. Under 14 section which had 16 players
    3. Under 12 section which had 20 players.
    4. Under 10 section which had 22 players.
    3. Under 8 section which had 21 players
  1. Schools that participated are
    Sirio School,
    2. Aga Khan Academy,
    3. Oshwal Academy,
    4. MM Shah & MV Shah Academy,
    5. Kivukoni School,
    6. Logos Christian School from Nairobi,
    7. Mombasa Chess Academy
    8. Shree Swaminarayan Academy
  2. Under18Section-The under 18 section was a competitive category and had 10 players. Good mastery of chess concepts was displayed from the players. The enthusiasm and passion for the sport
    in the players was impressive.
  3. -The Under 14 section was competitive with some great games played.
    There were 16 players in the U14 category. Their energy was mind blowing with each player
    focused to do their best and win the other.
  4. Under12Section-TheUnder12sectionhadthe20players.Theplayersshowedlotsof
    interest in the sport of chess and this was not able as they battle don the boards to win. Nice games were played and they displayed their determination to play their best. Most players portrayed good chess theory understanding and this is another category champions will be in.
  5. Under 10Section- The Under 10 section had the 22 players. As young as they sound, this
    category was a very entertaining one. No win came easy, the Top boards were tough and their zeal and interest to the game was notable.
  6. Under 8 Section- the under 8 section had 21 players. Great talent is there and this is a good
    thing for the Chess development. The future is definitely bright!
  1. Tournament reviews and Performances.
    Under 18 Category Winners:
    Alvin Mbithi – Logos Christian School – 6 points
    2. Isaiah Ngao – SirioSchool – 4 points
    3. Abdulhakim Naim – Mombasa Chess Academy – 4 points
  2. Girls:
    Mahek Shah-Agha khan Academy -1.5 points
    Under 16 Category Winners:
    Ryan Maina – Aga Khan Academy – 4 points
    2. Rahul Doshi
    3. Krishne Bhat-Mombasa chess academy-3 points
    Under 14 Category Winners:
    1. Robert Mcligeyo – Logos Christian School – 6 points
    2. Ardasher Dodikhudoev – Aga Khan Academy – 5 points
    3. Sayi Goyayi – Aga Khan Academy – 3.5 points
    1. Shakara Mamadova – Aga Khan Academy – 4 points
    Under 12 Category Winners:
    1. Macharia Ndegwa – Logos Christian School – 6 points
    2. Dheerav Shah – Mombasa Chess Academy – 4.5 points
    3. Moses Bejon – Kivukoni School – 4.5 points
    1.Trinity Jescah -Sirio school 2 points
  3. Venus Njeri -Sirio school 2 points
    3.Arshi Bilal -Agha khan Academy 2points
    Under 10 Category Winners:
    1. Jamie Kanango – MM Shah & MV Shah Academy – 5 points
    2. Shubh Jaideep Shah – Oshwal Academy – 5 points
    3. Wega Irungun – Logos Christian School – 5 points
    1. Rheeya Tanil -Oshwal Academy -3 points
    2. Tanisha Shah -Oshwal Academy -3points
    Under 8 Category Winners:
    1. Ethan Maina – Aga Khan Academy – 6 points
    2. Ruhan Dhruv – Oshwal Academy – 5 points
    3. Liam Needham – Kivukoni School – 4 points
    1. Yvonne Adego Mwashe – Oshwal Academy – 4 points
    2. Eileen Maya – Sirio School – 3.5 points
    3. Elliana Maina – Aga Khan Academy – 3 points
    Overall Best Players:
    Best Boy:
    Ethan Maina (Aga Khan Academy) with a Perfect Score of 6 points out of 6.
  4. Best Girl:
    Yvonne Adego Mwashe (Oshwal Academy) had 4 points out of 6.Not forgetting that she
    is the Lighthouse Princess playing in the league.
  5. Youngest Player:
    Tiana Shah (Oshwal Academy) – She is 5 years of old.
    Logos Christian School from Nairobi merged as the winners of the inter-schools tournament.
  1. The tournament was a success and this was contributed by everyone involved from the
    organizing team: Lighthouse Chess Club, the teachers/ coaches and the arbitration team.
    In this 4th Edition we had Logos Christian School from Nairobi participating and this was a great exposure and made the tournament more competitive. Logos Christian School won the Best School trophy proving their prowess and again challenging the players from Mombasa to start preparing for the next Edition of the Inter School tournament.
    Since the players come as teams and they pride in seeing their teams being top, Chess training should be started for players from the age of 6 to 18.This will develop the chess level of Mombasa players to the National and International levels. The players were eager to meet again in then ext. Interschool las the winners want to defend
    good learning point for your players and encourages self-assessment, healthy competition and teamwork. For more photos from the tournament kindly click on the link

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