About lighthouse chess Club


Lighthouse Chess Club was founded on 24th May 2017 as an answer to the need for formal chess instruction in Mombasa with a view to developing talented chess players in schools and the community. Apart from helping schools develop chess clubs we also have plans to introduce chess research with a view to using chess as a tool to improve education standards in the country.

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We would like to revitalize the chess environment in the country as well as raise the standards of education. We are currently recruiting interested persons to be chess trainers and join us in this journey to take chess in Kenya to greater heights:
Contact: +254 715 740 991
This is just the beginning of a new dawn in Chess Lighthouse Chess Club, where players are made into champions.



Working together towards a superior position.



To produce grandmasters in Kenya and introduce chess in the school curriculum.



To be an instructional high-profile chess organization that uses chess as an educational tool in Kenya as well as raising the standards of awareness, coaching, and competitive play in schools, institutions and new clubs